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Moving from Dallas Texas they had no idea what the drilling was like in the Mountains of Southwest Colorado. They moved here because of the beautiful scenery and wanted to escape the heat.

Drilling Equipment

After three years in business Kenneth Beeman, because of health problems had to move to a lower elevation and decided to sell the business to his brother Leo. Leo moved the business forward experimenting with different techniques in conquering tough drilling conditions that many competitors would not drill in areas that he could go.

In 1984, he bought his first Top Head Drive drilling rig which had a casing hammer on it. This brought an advantage that competitors in the area did not have. He was able to drill through the biggest boulders and unconsolidated material a lot faster than many competitors in the area.

That same year, he also decided to buy a pump installation rig and start installing his own submersible pumps instead of sub contracting it out. He felt this was something that his customers wanted so they would not have to use 2 or 3 different companies to install a water system.

He would be able to drill the water well, install the pumping system and install any water treatment equipment if necessary.

Pump rig

In 2002, Leo decided that 30 years in business was enough and felt that it was time to retire from the actual drilling part of the business and focus on rebuilding drilling equipment for reselling. He sold the business to his son Matt in Feb, 2002.

Now in the companies 35th year, Matt has made changes in how the business should go in the future. He expanded the company into Geothermal Heat Systems, something he felt would be a big part of people's needs in the future.

If it can be drilled, we can drill it. From shallow oil and gas wells to 2000 ft., to monitor and cathodic protection holes and mineral exploration. Our family has been in the drilling business for over 45 years in Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.